Webinar Wednesday 26 July 11am: Transforming compliance for financial services providers

The Banking Executive Accountability Regime will require a review of compliance frameworks.

I recently asked my news subscribers what one big question (or problem) they’d like a training course to consider.

The questions were about managing compliance. They indicated they were struggling to deliver compliance at a lower cost.

So here it is: discover the fastest, most effective ways to reduce compliance costs and better manage risks at the same timer the fastest, most effective ways to reduce compliance costs and

Webinar details here.

What you’ll learn
•who is responsible for compliance;
•how to efficiently deliver compliance services that makes the Board and the CEO comfortable;
•how to identify compliance pain points;
•how to educate internal customers and bring them on board;
•the most important driver of long-term compliance for your business.

Topics covered
•reflecting your organisation’s core values in risk and compliance;
•how to talk about compliance without being negative;
•tips for transforming compliance training;
•delivering a better internal compliance experience;
•what it takes for a compliance team to be successful;
•identifying one thing that will make a difference;
•Working out one thing that needs to be fixed.

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