• We provide our clients with confidence through guidance, insight, advice and regulatory compliance training.
  • We provide both online training and face to face training for financial services and credit CPD.
  • Significant legal and compliance changes in recent years mean that it’s critical to ensure that your procedures have been updated and your staff has been adequately trained.
  • If you have an Australian Financial Services Licence or an Australian Credit Licence minimum annual training for staff is a mandatory licence condition.
  • We regularly present to directors, company secretaries, responsible managers, senior managers, in-house counsel, auditors and risk and compliance officers on relevant topics.
  • We offer practical financial services and credit training focussing on essential compliance issues.
  • The seminars cover all the ‘must-know’ rules and traps for each topic.
  • We can either attend your offices anywhere in Australia or set up a program at an off-site facility.
  • We also offer “train the trainer” sessions and conference presentations.

Our training programs include:

  • Education packages for new board members, management or front-line staff
  • Risk management
  • Responsible officer training
  • Effective AGM’s and Board Meetings
  • Designing a product development system
  • Policy Development
  • Compliance officer training
  • Designing compliance systems
  • Auditing compliance systems
  • Corporate Governance Update
  • Financial Services Regulatory update (Privacy, Credit Code, FSR)
  • Consumer Protection Compliance training
  • Ecommerce regulation and IT governance

Topics include:

  • Banking, consumer credit and financial services law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate governance and directors’ duties
  • Advertising law
  • Website and online financial services compliance
  • Anti-Money Laundering Law
  • Privacy law
  • Consumer protection (formerly trade practices) law
  • Workplace relations law

Online CPD

Responsible Manager and representative training

We provide Online CPD Responsible Manager and representative training to satisfy the CPD requirements under Australian Financial Services Licences and Australian Credit Licences.

You can buy our Responsible Managers’ Manual or watch our videos here.

It is a condition of Australian Financial Services licences and Australian Credit licences that a licensee’s responsible managers keep up-to-date with credit industry and regulatory developments by undertaking continuing professional development (CPD).

A credit licensee RM can use all or part of our resources to make up your 20 CPD hours a calendar year for your credit licence requirement and, if you are a dual licensee, at the same time get credit towards your AFS licence CPD.

An AFS Licensee RM must complete between 10 and 20 CPD hours a year.

If your organisation is also APRA-regulated your senior managers need to satisfy the fit and proper requirements of APRA under prudential standard APS 520.

A representative providing independent home loan credit assistance must complete at least 20 hours of CPD each year.

A representative only providing home loan credit assistance in relation to their licensee’s own credit products have a choice of:

All other representatives must complete training as determined by the licensee (but between 10 and 30 hours of CPD each year), and as appropriate to the representative’s role and industry sector.


Topics covered

The usual topics covered include:

  • Responsible Managers’ duties:
    understanding credit licensing
  • Marketing issues:
    advertising credit services, dealing with referrers
  • Case study on advertising (including restricted terms, mandatory comparison rates and website issues)
  • Case study on compliance and reporting and ASIC surveillance

Additionally we can cover:

  • How to carry out a National Credit Code compliance review
  • Australian Consumer Law and the ASIC Act:
    financial services consumer protection issues including linked credit
  • Privacy Act changes (including changes affecting marketing and credit reporting)
  • Collections issues:
    Credit enforcement update: hardship, mortgagee sales and resolving EDR Complaints
  • AML/CTF issues


A. Online Training

We offer online training which is accessible anywhere anytime during the year and which contributes to the 20 hours. The training consists of videos and quizzes. You can either use it on an individual, “pay as you go” basis, or we can provide group coverage.

B. Public Seminars

Every 6 months we conduct a public seminar at a CBD location which your staff are welcome to attend. The seminar is typically for 3 hours plus breaks (a half-day).

C. In-house training

Our core in-house training program is for 3 hours plus breaks. As we are doing it in-house we can be flexible on dates and content and include topics of specific concern to you. We can extend the program to a full day (5 hours), subject to a fee adjustment.

Seminars and events

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