Financial services regulation and credit law regulatory compliance

The legal advice provided to Bright Law customers is delivered through Bright Corporate Law ABN 29 060 512 242.

The founding principal is David Jacobson who has more than 40 years as an Australian legal practitioner and external compliance consultant advising financial service providers on all aspects of corporate and commercial law and regulatory compliance.

Bright Corporate Law specialises in advising financial service providers (including banks, mutuals, health funds, insurers and superannuation funds) on financial services regulation law and consumer credit law regulatory compliance, regulatory changes and risks. Recent Project.

We are a boutique financial services consultancy without the leveraged structure and accompanying costs of a large law firm. We tap into the skills and experience of other specialists as needed on an individual project basis.

We understand the financial services sector and the need for reliable legal advice with a commercial focus.


If you need legal and compliance support but can’t afford a full-time person in-house, we offer a monthly retainer service to provide you with ongoing fixed price assurance. We will also quote a fixed price to advise on any question.

Our practice areas include:

Our liability is limited by a scheme approved by Professional Standards Legislation.


Service commitment

Our clients praise us for giving them the ability to ring about problems and providing quick and skilful advice and assistance. We’re always accessible and we respond quickly. We use the latest technology for your benefit but maintain the personal connection with you. We don’t treat transactions in isolation. We look to build long-term relationships with our clients and to understand their business, and apply that understanding to your matters. We may accept instructions from other clients or potential clients operating in the same or competing markets and whose commercial interests conflict with your own, provided those instructions do not involve the use of confidential information we have obtained from you.

Expertise and quality

We are experienced in dealing with tough legal and regulatory problems.


As we know our clients’ business we can offer increased efficiencies. We are substantially better value than the big firms. That’s because we have lower cost structures and a practical approach. We understand that we are responsible for our budgets and estimates. We use alternative fee structures such as fixed prices and caps and monthly retainer fees. In-house counsel regularly use us to provide additional resources and to relieve them from worry and cost pressures.


If you have a complaint about our services, contact our Principal, David Jacobson. If you are not happy with our response to your concerns, you can contact the Legal Services Commission for assistance.


We hold insurance cover as required by the Queensland Law Society. Our liability is limited by a scheme approved by Professional Standards Legislation.

Payment information

You can pay by credit card (but only Visa or MasterCard). Before we start a legal matter we will tell you in writing:

  • the amount of your fees ;
  • an explanation of the major variables that might affect the amount;
  • Your right to:
    • negotiate the costs agreement
    • receive a bill
    • request an itemised bill
    • be notified of anything that might cause a substantial change in a cost or fee
    • receive progress reports
    • have a cost assessment if you dispute the bill and the time limits that will apply
    • apply to the Supreme Court to over-rule the costs agreement.
  • When and how often you will be billed;
  • The interest rate you will be charged for overdue amounts;
  • The identity of the person in the legal practice for you to contact to discuss costs.

All fees are quoted in Australian dollars.

Fees and charges

We will enter into a costs agreement with you, setting out the basis for our fees, before we commence work for you. We do not charge for the cost of general office services such as photocopying, facsimiles, email and telephone communications and routine online searches. We charge for disbursements including out-of-pocket expenses such as travel and accommodation costs, registration and filing costs, court charges, fees of agents, barristers, experts and other professionals. These are charged on at the amount charged to us. Goods and services tax (GST) is charged on fees as and when required by law.

Your Compliance Support Plan

We understand you need a cost-effective way to keep up to date with regulatory changes. Talk to us about our fixed price plans.