Trade promotions: misrepresenting prizes

What Does "100 Grand" Mean to You? (via Blawg Review) recounts the story of a woman who entered a US radio competition for "100 grand" and who in fact won a chocolate bar with that title and not cash…she sued.  The article also refers to the Pepsi Harrier jet competition and the Toy Yoda (not Toyota) case.

The basic principle is that if you are running a competition you must be very careful to ensure there aree no ambiguities in what a person is required to do to win and that the prizes to be won are accurately described.

In Australia, the ACCC has, for example, taken action over Coles Dollar Dazzler competition, Australia Post’s ‘Win the Thrill’ campaign and the Shark Challenge Golf Competition.

The most hard fought court battle was McDonald’s 1999 ‘Monopoly McMatch & Win’ promotion which resulted in a lengthy trial won by McDonalds over whether 1998 vouchers were valid in the 1999 competition.

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