Superannuation information

ASIC has issued a FAQ on What information can be provided about superannuation without requiring an AFS licence?

It discusses the position of :

  • financial planners, giving advice to clients;
  • the trustees of superannuation funds, giving advice to members and to prospective or former members and beneficiaries;
  • accountants, giving advice to clients;
  • employers, giving advice to employees and to prospective or former employees; and
  • union officials, giving advice to union members or other employees.

in relation to decisions about:

  • joining a superannuation fund or contributions being made to superannuation over other types of investments;
  • joining, or contributions being made to, a particular type of superannuation fund over other types of superannuation fund;
  • joining, or contributions being made to, a particular superannuation fund;
  • additional
    contributions being made to a superannuation fund (including expressing
    an opinion that salary sacrifice is tax-effective);
  • selection of a particular investment or insurance option(s) within a superannuation fund;
  • rollovers into a fund or out of another fund;
  • movements of membership between sub-plans or superannuation products within a fund;
  • movement of membership between growth and pension phase within a fund;
  • calling for the cashing of benefits from a fund prior to the compulsory cashing of benefits.
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