No changes at ACNC

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has responded to media speculation about its future following the election of the new Government.

According to the Commissioner:

The ACNC is very much alive and implementing its statutory obligations.

The ACNC was created by an Act of Parliament, and unless and until that Act is amended or repealed, the Commissioner is expected to implement the Act. What this means is that the ACNC continues to deliver on its statutory responsibilities such as registration; reporting, advice and guidance. We will continue our work on reducing red tape for the sector, in keeping with the third object in the ACNC Act. Charities will continue to meet their obligations such as completing the Annual Information Statement and notifying the ACNC of any significant changes.

In addition the Commissioner noted that:

  • the ACNC and the ATO are working co-operatively.
  • Once the 2013 Annual Information Statement is received, current data gaps will be completed and the ACNC will be able to provide pre-populated forms in the future, thereby saving time and cost for charities.
  • the number of open complaints cases under review with the ACNC is 0.062 percent of registered charities.
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