New Edition of IFSA Blue Book

Investment & Financial Services Association Limited (IFSA) has issued a new edition of its "Blue Book".

It contains a number of significant changes as a result of amendments to the Corporations Act, particularly CLERP 9 and the release by the ASX Corporate Governance Council of its ‘Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations’.

The significant new additions cover:
• CLERP 9 amendments
• incorporation of ASX Corporate Governance Council Best Practice Recommendations
• ‘pre-nuptial’ agreement disclosure for Directors
• banning of non-recourse loans
• changes to statement on Beneficial Shareholder Information
• ban on proxy ‘renting’
• proxy voting Standard

The Blue Book, formally known as IFSA Guidance Note No.2: ‘Corporate Governance: A guide for Investment Managers and Corporations’, is published by IFSA to assist its Members to pursue an active role in monitoring the Corporate Governance responsibilities of the companies in which they invest.

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