National Mortgage Form transition

In the last 4 years there have been changes to the processes for each land registry across Australia to facilitate electronic conveyancing by standardising forms and procedures across all jurisdictions.

In 2017 a new uniform national mortgage form (NMF) was introduced.

Mortgages signed in NSW and Victoria after 31 December 2017 must be on the NMF for both paper and electronic dealings.

Paper mortgages signed before 1 January 2018 may be lodged after that date either using the NMF or the current form.

In Queensland the transition period during which both old and new form mortgages can be lodged has been extended until 2 March 2018. Old forms executed before 2 March 2018 can still be lodged after that date.

The National Mortgage Form Design Specifications can be downloaded from ARNECC.

The NMF requires the mortgagee, its lawyer or an agent to certify they have taken reasonable steps to verify the identity of the mortgagor.

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