More National Consumer Credit forms changes

The latest amendments to the National Credit Regulations include some minor changes to the forms you must use under the National Credit Code.

The National Consumer Credit Protection Amendment Regulations No. 3 issued on 15 June 2010 include the following forms changes:

  • Form 9 (this is the information statement that must be given to guarantors). The amendments vary paragraph 3 of the statement by including after “the signed guarantee” the words “(if you do not already have a copy of the guarantee)”.
  • Form 10 (this is the statement that must be given to the mortgagor after mortgaged goods have been surrendered). The amendments correct an error in the regulations which formerly had a space for the date appearing twice at the beginning of the form.  The first reference to a date should be deleted.
  • Form 12 (this is the default notice wording). The amendments correct an error in the third bullet point of the wording (which starts with: “you entered into your contract”).  Under that bullet point there are 2 sub-paragraphs. The second sub-paragraph repeated the words “you entered into your contract”. The repeated words have now been deleted in the updated form.
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