Making compliance fun

How would you handle compliance training if you had 300 branches and 5000 employees?

I recently attended a presentation (organised by ACI) by Kellie Powell,Compliance Manager, and Jane Anderson, People & Leadership Specialist, Super Cheap Auto Group (Super Cheap Auto, BCF & Gold Cross) about their compliance training program.

They demonstrated their retail staff training program which features animation and is interactive.

It was designed when they realised their original trade practices compliance program was too high level and generic to make any impact on their more than 5000 retail staff ("team members") across 3 brands in 300 stores. Most of these are Gen Y (born between 1980 and 1994), many are casuals and there is a 30% annual turnover.

They decided that they needed to focus on compliance as part of caring for customers rather than as an enforcement issue.

They looked for fresh ways to make compliance training practical, relevant, fun and exciting for their organisation's front line employees, in particular those in Generation Y.

And while they haven't the statistics yet to prove reduced customer complaints the staff reaction and participation has been positive.

Have you thought about how you can deliver better compliance training to your front line staff?

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