Legislation to remove same-sex discrimination

The Attorney-General Robert McClelland has announced that the government will introduce legislation to remove same-sex discrimination from a wide range of
Commonwealth laws .

This reform follows the 2007 report of HREOC, Same-Sex: Same Entitlements,
which focussed on financial and work-related legislation.  On coming to
office, the Rudd Government commissioned an audit of Commonwealth laws,
which identified other areas of discrimination.

Areas where discrimination will be removed include tax,
superannuation, social security, health, aged care, veterans’
entitlements, workers’ compensation, employment entitlements, and other
areas of Commonwealth administration.

The Rudd Government will begin introducing legislation in the Winter
Sittings of Parliament. Most reforms will commence soon after the
legislation is passed. In some areas (such as social security, tax and
veterans’ affairs), the reforms will be phased-in to allow time for
couples to adjust their finances, and for administrative arrangements
to be implemented. All of the changes are expected to be implemented
by mid-2009.

The changes will not alter
marriage laws.

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