Instalment Contracts and the Uniform Consumer Credit Code

The Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 (pdf) has been passed by the Queensland Parliament to amend the Consumer Credit Code (the Code) to ensure particular contracts for the sale of land or goods by instalments (known as ‘terms sale of land contracts’, ‘conditional sale agreements’ and ‘tiny terms contracts’) are credit contracts under the Code.

A terms sale of land (a sale on ‘vendor’s terms’ or a ‘wrap loan’) is a sale of land under which the purchase price is payable by instalments. The vendor lets the purchaser into possession but retains title until conveyance following the final payment.

A conditional sale agreement (or ‘Romalpa agreement’) is a sale of goods under which the purchase price is payable by instalments. The seller delivers the goods to the buyer but retains title until the final payment. 

Tiny terms contracts are contracts where the cost of credit is incorporated into the cash price and the transaction is represented as a sale of goods by instalment (without any credit charges).

Technical amendments have also been drafted to capture contracts containing instalment payments that exceed the cash price of the goods, which are related to the contract for the actual sale of the goods.

These amendments are expected to commence next year.

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