Fax marketing industry standard

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is developing a national standard for the fax marketing industry and has released a second discussion paper with a draft standard.

It is expected the standard will be determined in early 2011.

The standard will:

  • restrict the hours and/or days during which marketing faxes may be sent, or attempted to be sent, to an Australian number
  • require that a marketing fax sent to an Australian number must contain specified information about the person who authorised the sending of the fax
  • restrict the total number of marketing faxes sent, or attempted to be sent, by the relevant participant during a particular period to a particular Australian number
  • require that, if a marketing fax sent to an Australian number is authorised by a particular person (the authorising person), the fax must contain information about how the recipient of the fax may send a message to the effect that the recipient does not want to receive any marketing faxes authorised by the authorising person.

Interested parties are invited to comment.

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