Contribution of the Not for Profit Sector

The Productivity Commission has released an Issues Paper seeking submissions on the contributions of the not for profit sector.

The study's focus is on:

  • improving the measurement of the sector's contributions
  • removing obstacles to maximising its contributions to society.

In undertaking the study, the Commission is to:

  • assess current and alternative measures of the contribution of the not for profit sector and how these can be used to better shape government policy and programs so as to optimise the sectors contribution to society
  • identify unnecessary impediments to the efficient and effective operation of not for profit organisations and measures to enhance their operation
  • consider ways in which the delivery and outcomes from government funded services by not for profit organisations could be improved
  • examine recent changes in the relationships between government, business and community organisations and whether there is scope to enhance these relationships so as to improve outcomes delivered by the not for profit sector
  • examine the impact of the taxation system on the ability of not for profit organisations to raise funds and the extent to which the tax treatment of the sector affects competitive neutrality.

The Commission has been asked to adopt a broad definition of the not for profit sector to encompass most types of not for profit organisations, including Australian based international aid and development agencies.

The timetable is:

  • Initial submissions – due 29 May 2009
  • Policy roundtables – May/June 2009
  • Draft report – release early September 2009
  • Draft report submissions – due mid October 2009
  • Roundtables for draft report – October/November 2009
  • Final report to Government – December 2009
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