Consultation paper on reform of charitable fundraising regulation

Treasury has released a consultation paper on reform of charitable fundraising regulation.

The purpose of this discussion paper is to seek comments on a proposed framework for a new nationally consistent approach to regulation of charitable fundraising. At present, every State and Territory of Australia, with the exception of the Northern Territory, separately regulates fundraising by charities. Appendix A sets out the current State and Territory fundraising legislation.

The discussion paper calls for comments on:

  • Defining fundraising activities that are to be regulated
  • Activities that might be exempt from fundraising regulation
  • Implementing a national approach to fundraising regulation
  • Registering for fundraising activities
  • Application of consumer protection laws to charitable fundraising
  • Charitable fundraising and unsolicited selling provisions of the Australian Consumer Law
  • Information disclosure at the time of giving
  • Information disclosure after the time of giving
  • Internet and electronic fundraising
  • Fundraising by third parties on behalf of charities./li>
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