COAG 3 July 2008 communique

The 3rd meeting of COAG since the Rudd Government was elected reflects its commitment to drive reform.

The communique identifies the outcomes including:

  • Leaders signed an agreement to end the fragmented and inconsistent
    approach to the protection of workers’ occupational health and safety.
    This will see the implementation of uniform legislation, complemented by consistent
    compliance and enforcement.
  • COAG has also agreed to develop a national trade licensing system that will
    remove inconsistencies across State borders and allow for a much more mobile
    workforce. A new national system will be signed off by COAG in December 2008. COAG has agreed that the national system will initially apply
    to the following trades:

    • air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics occupations;
    • building occupations;
    • electrical occupations;
    • land transport occupations (passenger vehicle drivers, dangerous goods);
    • maritime occupations;
    • plumbing occupations; and
    • property agent occupations.
  • COAG also agreed to a new Business Names Registration system
  • A new Standard Business Reporting program was also agreed by COAG that will
    radically streamline the myriad of financial reporting requirements on businesses.
  • the Commonwealth will take over responsibility
    for the regulation of trustee companies, mortgage broking, margin lending and
    non‑deposit lending institutions as well as remaining areas of consumer
    credit. The Business Regulation and Competition
    Working Group will examine this matter and report back to COAG in October 2008.
  • COAG has agreed that the Commonwealth
    will assume responsibility for the making of permanent product bans and standards
    under the Trade Practices Act 1974. States will retain powers to issue
    interim product bans.
  • A new electronic conveyancing system is to commence in 2010.

Other future reform priority areas were agreed on.

COAG will meet again in Perth on 2 October 2008.

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