Australian government guarantees Australian bank, building society and credit union deposits

The Prime Minister has announced the Australian Government will guarantee all deposits of Australian banks, building societies and credit unions and Australian subsidiaries of foreign-owned banks.

The guarantee applies to all types of deposits, regardless of the type of account through which the deposit is made. For example, it includes savings accounts, passbook accounts, cheque accounts, pensioner deeming accounts, term deposits, mortgage offset-accounts, farm management accounts, first home savers accounts and retirement savings accounts. Both retail and wholesale deposits are covered by the guarantee.

The guarantee applies to deposits held by all types of legal entities in Australia, including individuals (including joint accounts), partnerships, businesses, trusts and government entities.

The guarantee applies to deposits denominated in any currency.

The guarantee does not apply to deposits held in branches of foreign banks in Australia. These deposits are not subject to the depositor protection provisions of the Banking Act 1959.

The guarantee will operate for a period of three years from 12 October 2008 without a cap on the guarantee.

The Government will review the guarantee cap in 3 years.

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