ASIC review of MySuper product dashboards

ASIC has published the results of its review of existing MySuper product dashboards.

The MySuper product dashboard requirements are set out in section 1017BA of the Corporations Act 2001 and ASIC Information Sheet 170 MySuper product dashboard requirements for superannuation trustees (INFO 170).

It is an offence for a trustee to fail to publish a product dashboard at all, or to publish a product dashboard that is out of date, omits required information or otherwise is misleading or deceptive.

ASIC’s review has identified areas for improvement to the accessibility and clarity of product dashboards.

In particular, ASIC expects trustees will:

  • show the product dashboard in a prominent position and readily accessible location on the trustee’s website. This requirement is not met if several pages have to be navigated through, or a site ‘searched’, to view the product dashboard, or the product dashboard is otherwise difficult to find. The product dashboard should be able to be seen readily by a user of the website that has no prior knowledge of the concept of the product dashboard.
  • not include information within the parameters of the product dashboard that is not required by the product dashboard mandatory provisions. This is distinct from the additional information being outside and proximate to the product dashboard. The inclusion of optional information, such as asset allocation information, within the product dashboard has the potential to compromise the ability of users to compare across multiple (non-uniform) product dashboards. It may also serve to confuse users of the product dashboard.
  • address all of the mandatory elements. Some trustees have omitted the past returns and return target-past return comparison from the product dashboard where there is no predecessor product. In this situation, ASIC’s preferred approach is for the trustee to include all elements with an accompanying explanation to the effect that no past return information is available because the MySuper product has not been in existence for a full financial year and there was no predecessor product.
  • address each of the mandatory elements separately. For example, past return percentages should not be shown in the return target-past returns comparison graph.

Trustees may include additional information outside the product dashboard to assist users. Additional information may include, for example, the use of graphs, asset allocation charts, investment risk measures and a glossary of terms. The overall impression formed from the mandatory elements and the optional disclosure around the product dashboard should not be confusing, otherwise the trustee may be engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct.

The product dashboard regime for Choice products has been deferred to 1 July 2015.

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