ASIC credit regulation policy timetable

ASIC has released a table setting out the policy and guidance documents ASIC proposes to issue in the coming months, including proposed timing.

July 2009 Consultation Paper 110 General conduct obligations for credit licensees (15 July 2009)

Consultation Paper 111 Compensation and financial resources arrangements for credit licensees (15 July 2009)

Consultation paper on Competence and training for credit licensees [late July]

Consultation paper on dispute resolution [late July]

September 2009 Consultation paper on responsible lending

Guidance material on registration and transition

Guidance material on the scope of the licensing regime

October 2009 Regulatory Guide on the general conduct obligations of credit licensees
November 2009 Revised Regulatory Guide 51 on relief applications (to include reference to the credit regime)

New regulatory guides on:

  • licensee competence and training of staff and representatives;
  • compensation arrangements; and
  • financial resources requirements.

Revised Regulatory Guides 139 and 169 on dispute resolution

Credit Licensing Kit and application form

Early 2010 Regulatory guide on responsible lending
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