APRA overview of superannuation industry

Speaking at the ASFA 2006 National Conference and Super Expo in Perth, APRA Deputy Chair Ross Jones has given an overview of the Australian superannuation industry in the last 5 years.

  • At 30 June 2006, it was estimated that total assets were $914 billion, a 76 percent increase over five years.
  • In the five years to 30 June 2006, the number of superannuation entities increased by 47 per cent from 222,971 to 327,832. This is due largely to the large increase in self managed superannuation funds, which have increased 52 per cent from 210,667 at June 2001 to 320,003 at June 2006. Conversely, the number of funds with more than four members has fallen by 77 per cent from 3,730 to 870 over the same period.
  • At 30 June 2004 there were 1275 trustees. At 30 June 2006 there were 307 licensed trustees
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