ACCC’s enforcement priorities for 2016

The ACCC’s Chairman, Mr Rod Sims, has launched the 2016 ACCC Compliance and Enforcement Policy, which includes the ACCC’s enforcement priorities for 2016.

The 2016 policy lists the factors the ACCC takes into consideration in deciding on whether to take legal action and sets out its priority areas.

In his speech ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said this year’s policy makes it clear that the ACCC is more likely to take enforcement action against larger companies ahead of smaller businesses:

“We think this approach is appropriate for two reasons.

First, misconduct by larger companies is likely to cause greater consumer harm given their greater volume and reach.

Second, larger companies are often seen as benchmarks for behaviour and compliance and accordingly have a disproportionate influence on market place behaviour. Addressing poor behaviour at these levels is important to send clear messages to the market.”

In addition, the ACCC has two priority areas related to protecting small firms: unfair contract terms and Industry Codes of Conduct.

In the areas of Consumers and Small Business the ACCC will give priority to indigenous consumers, vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers, consumer product safety, consumer guarantees, new car retailing, health and scams disruption.

In the area of competition law, the ACCC will continue to take a strong line on cartel conduct, anti-competitive conduct and practices, and misuse of market power.

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