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  • Clients have trusted us for more than 30 years, including credit unions, building societies, insurers, banks, finance companies, friendly societies, health funds and other member-based organisations.
  • You get helpful practical answers.
  • No surprises: we offer a range of fixed price services and will quote you a fixed price for contract reviews and projects.
  • We understand the financial services sector and can help manage risks.
  • We provide options for solving problems.
  • We are reliable: when you ring or email us you can be confident we will provide a timely response.
  • We share our knowledge: subscribe to our free daily or monthly news in your area of interest or search our site.
  • We use the latest technology for your benefit but maintain the personal connection with you.

What Clients Say

David Jacobson has been personally and professionally known to the [ADI] and me for at least thirty years.
He is a person whose opinion I value greatly and I have found his integrity to be beyond reproach. David’s advice is always well researched and delivered with a clarity that is easily understood and able to be followed and implemented. Our requests for advice have ranged from mundane to the more complex matters with some more urgent than others. I have always valued the promptness of his responses. David is also most approachable by telephone. As a Director I rely on his advice to deflect any suggestion of carelessness when making decisions and his advice has never been found wanting, and for this I am grateful. I have always worked on the premise of obtaining David’s advice before any actions are undertaken, and then confidently relying on the position thereafter. Never been disappointed yet.
Chair, ADI
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