We are an independent back up resource for your organisation’s second line of defence for regulatory compliance. We provide tools and information to support you in identifying, managing and monitoring risks.

We also provide external compliance consultant reviews.

Our site is designed to keep you aware of important regulatory compliance information and help you to identify the important issues to protect yourself and your customers from the consequences of a regulatory breach.

Ongoing training and learning is essential in a constantly changing financial sector.

We have been working on a better way to deliver online training content to financial service providers to satisfy their CPD obligations.

As well, HR managers have asked us to add a learning management system (which will provide training records by tracking and recording use by individuals of content) to our online CPD platform.

Our platform satisfies these requirements.

Talk to us about how Bright Law can plug into your training and development programs.

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Our online CPD compliance site makes it easy for responsible managers and representatives of financial service providers to meet their CPD requirements flexibly, anywhere, any time.

Our courses consist of videos, quizzes, checklists, policies and procedures and other resources and training material we develop.

You have a choice of a “pay as you go” system (so you pay only for resources accessed by you) or “all you can eat” by where you can access all of our resources as they are updated by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Alternatively if your HR Manager wishes to co-ordinate training you can have an organisation package.

To start all you need to do is look at our course catalogue, choose a course and register.


Your Compliance Support Plan

We understand you need a cost-effective way to keep up to date with regulatory changes. Talk to us about our fixed price plans.